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minG minG
Cat, pErsiaN

LhEkSuZ's Profile

Gender: Unspecified
Age: 28
Last Activity: 122 month(s) ago
City: aLonE
Country: Philippines
About Me: Im a nyZ pERsOn, vEry cArinG, i wAnT 2 give An AdvyZ 2 d' pERsOn who riLy nid my cOmfOrT & my shOuLdER 2 LeAn oN. & i wAnT u 2 toOk my AdvyZ n gUd pArT!i Am A LitTLe biT smArT bUt nOt toO sMArT' dAtS Y itS A LittLe biT.. hEhEhE..iM a prOfEsSionAL dAncER, iM a hUmbLe pErsOn, iM n d' nAturE Of wAtchinG t.V, iM A fuNny bUt nAuGhty pErsOn & ALmosT EvRydAy i aM n d' hiGh spiRiT, sTiCk 2 1,& i LuV thOsE pERsOn whO LuVs mE toO, dOwn 2 eArtH, iM d' kiNd oF pERsOn dAt nVr giVe up 2 d' triALs oF LyF & i hAvE sO mAnY fAceS oR betTER yEt 2 sAy' i hAvE sO mAnY chArActeRs n LyF! itS juSt b'cOz i hAvE 2 tuRn my hAndS 2 thOse peopLE dAt iVe eNcOunter EvRydAy Of my LyF, cOZ' i knOw dAt dEy r difFErenT 2 eAcH OthER & i AM sO thAnkfUL b'cOz oF d' fAcT dAt GOD s ALwAyS dEr 4 mE & i wAnT 2 shArE iT w/ u dAt i Am d' brEad winNer Of my fAmiLy dUe 2 fAcT dAt mY atE s oLrEdy stOP 2 hER stUdy dAtS Y i cAnT seT AsidE mY stUdieS evEn 4 A cOupLe oF miN. & i hAvE jOIn a Lot oF cOntEst n dAncinG... bUt fRoM nOw oN' sinCe i Am a cHriStiAn BorN AgAiN oLrEdy, i pRomisEd dAt iM gOinG 2 usE diS tALenT, oNLy 2 HIM, 4 d' risOn dAt HE s d' oNE whO gAvE diS tALenT 2 mE & i wAnT 2 gAvE iT bAck 2 HIM... ActuALLy nOt onLy diS tALenT bUT ALso thOsE BLESSINGS dAt iVE expERiEncEd & rEcEivE fRoM HIM uNtiL nOw! & i wAnT u 2 kNOw dAt i hAvE nO reGrET n EvRy dEciSion dAt ivE mAdE n my EntirE LyF' b'cOz oF d' fAcT dAt i bELievE dAt diS oL dEciSiOnS s ryt & iVe fAceS sO mAny triaLs evEn f itS n LuV LyF, n my fAmiLy Or evEn n mY stUdieS & iM pRoUd 2 sAy dAt ivE fiNALLy sOLvE iT' OfcOursE w/ GOD's hELp..& i pRomiSeD dAt whiLe iM stiLL LivinG n diS wOrLd sA kAnyA LAng Aq LLpiT... u kNow whAt?! ivE gAvE my 100% LuV 2 d' pERsOn who dOeS nOt deServE oF my LuV & untiL sUch nOw i Am cERtfyD "BROKEN HEARTED" ;( i thiNk iTs duE 2 d' fAct dAt hE s nOt d' ryT pERsOn 4 mE?! iSn'T iT?! bUt i wiLL nOt bEinG tyRd 2 LuV d' pERsOn whOsE nOt dEsErvinG 2 bE LuV! hUhUhU..& dERs a tyM dAt i wAnT 2 giVe up oLrEdy bUt oL oF a sUdDEn' GOD wAs pUt mE oN my minD & toLd mE dAt HE s aLwAyS dEr 4 mE 2 hELp 2 mY prObLemS dAt i hAvE bUrdEn n dis tyM & 4 d' risOn oF dAT rEminDinGs, i wAs LeArnEd 2 stAnD up AgaiN & 2 cOntinue fyTinG 4 mY ryT 2 LivE & 2 LuV & i cAn finALLy SeD dAt dErs s A biG AmELiorAtE n my LyF & it oL cOmMencE sincE i wAs LeArnEd fRoM my miStAkeS & iM vERy EndeAvoR my beSt 2 mAintAiN diS wAy oF LivinG & i knoW mY pArAmeterS n LyF & thOse pErsOn whO hAS A nEgAtivE feEd back 2 mE wiLL eAt dEr wOrDs & tAkE back wAt dEy hAvE SeD abOuT me & it iS fuLL oF siLLy 2 meEt tRoubLe hALf-wAy, dis thinGs dAt uNexpeCted nEw difFicULty pUt mE oN my mEttLe & iT iS nOt wOrtH mY sALt f sUmtyMs i fAiLeD & i hAvE a pRincipLe n LyF dAt "hOw cAn u tRuSt a mAn whO pLayS fAsT & LooSe?!" ryT?! & i hAtE thOsE pERsOn whO hAvE tUrnEd deAf eAr 2 my AdvyZ & i wAnT d' pEopLe AcCeptinG my stAtEmEnT w/o rEservE & at d' eArLy aGe i mAdE my mArk As a nUrSe & i bELievE dAt mY driMs s At mY finGErtipS & itS a mAtTer (2 bE cOntinUe...)

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